Cultivating Growth: New Standard Sand Lake’s Impact on the Local Cannabis Market


New Standard Sand Lake has emerged as a prominent player in the cannabis industry of Sand Lake, Michigan, offering both recreational and medicinal cannabis products to the local community. This case study examines the company’s journey, challenges faced, and its significant impact on the region’s cannabis market.


Established in 2019, New Standard Sand Lake set out to provide high-quality cannabis products while prioritizing customer education and community engagement. The company’s founders recognized the growing demand for both recreational and medicinal cannabis in the area and aimed to create a welcoming environment for all types of consumers.


New Standard Sand Lake faced several challenges during its initial stages:

  • Navigating complex regulatory requirements
  • Overcoming stigma associated with cannabis use
  • Educating customers about product varieties and their effects
  • Establishing a reliable supply chain for premium cannabis products

Strategies and Solutions

To address these challenges, New Standard Sand Lake implemented the following strategies:

1. Compliance and Regulation: The company invested in robust compliance systems and partnered with legal experts to ensure adherence to all state and local regulations.

2. Community Outreach: New Standard Sand Lake organized educational events and workshops to inform the community about the benefits and responsible use of cannabis.

3. Staff Training: Employees underwent extensive training to provide knowledgeable advice to customers about different strains, consumption methods, and potential effects.

4. Quality Control: The company established strict quality control measures and formed partnerships with reputable growers and suppliers to ensure consistent product quality.

Results and Impact

New Standard Sand Lake’s efforts have yielded significant results:

1. Market Growth: The company has experienced steady growth, with a 30% increase in customer base year-over-year.

2. Community Acceptance: Through its educational initiatives, New Standard Sand Lake has helped reduce stigma and increase acceptance of cannabis use in the community.

3. Economic Impact: The business has created over 50 local jobs and contributed to increased tax revenue for Sand Lake.

4. Patient Care: Medicinal cannabis patients have reported improved access to high-quality products and expert advice, leading to better symptom management.


New Standard Sand Lake has successfully established itself as a leader in the local cannabis market by prioritizing education, quality, and community engagement. The company’s approach has not only driven its own growth but has also positively impacted the Sand Lake community by creating jobs, increasing tax revenue, and improving access to both recreational and medicinal cannabis products.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, New Standard Sand Lake remains committed to innovation, customer satisfaction, and responsible business practices, positioning itself for continued success in the years to come.