Demystifying Cannabis Misconceptions

At Altius Dispensary, we understand the importance of clearing the air surrounding the world of cannabis. With our single location in Round Lake Beach, IL, serving the broader area including Kenosha, WI, Waukegan, IL, Mundelein, IL, Gurnee, IL, and Pleasant Prairie, WI, we strive to educate our community and dispel common myths about recreational weed and marijuana dispensaries.

Myth: Cannabis is a Gateway Drug

This myth has been perpetuated for decades, but scientific evidence suggests otherwise. According to numerous studies, cannabis itself does not lead to the use of harder drugs. The reality is that environmental and social factors, such as peer pressure and access to illicit substances, play a more significant role in substance abuse.

Myth: Marijuana Dispensaries Increase Crime Rates

  1. Numerous studies have shown that regulated cannabis dispensaries do not contribute to an increase in crime rates.
  2. In fact, the legal cannabis industry is heavily regulated and follows strict security protocols, often deterring criminal activity in the vicinity.
  3. By bringing cannabis into a legal and controlled market, it reduces the demand for illicit and unregulated sources, which can be associated with criminal activities.

Myth: Cannabis Use Leads to Laziness and Lack of Motivation

This myth is often rooted in stereotypes and anecdotal evidence. However, research has shown that the effects of cannabis on motivation and productivity are complex and can vary from person to person. Many successful individuals across various industries have reported using cannabis responsibly without experiencing a lack of motivation or productivity.

Changing Your Altitude with Altius

At Altius Dispensary, we believe in empowering our customers with accurate information and promoting responsible cannabis use. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to guiding you through the world of cannabis products, ensuring you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Visit our pot shop in Round Lake Beach, IL, and let us help you “Change Your Altitude” with Altius.