DIY Tips and Tricks to Discover the Best of Grand Haven – The New Standard Way

Grand Haven, often referred to as a “Coast Guard City, USA,” offers its visitors an enchanting coastal experience with mesmerizing views and a wonderful community atmosphere. As a visitor or a local, there are various ways you can explore this beautiful city, famously known for its scenic lighthouses, sandy beaches, and rolling dune scapes. Here, we share some DIY tips to assist you in uncovering the best of what Grand Haven has to offer – some of these tips suggested by New Standard.

Placing Priorities on Place to Visit

Prioritizing places to visit can be quite challenging when you’re surrounded by a myriad of attractions. However, starting your day witnessing a magnificent sunrise at the Grand Haven State Park should be at the top of your priority list. The park, blessed with a beautiful beachfront, is also a perfect spot for a quick swim or a relaxing picnic.

Lighthouse Tour

Next, embark on a self-guided lighthouse tour. The Grand Haven Pier features two of the most picturesque lighthouses: the Inner and Outer Lights. This pair of lighthouses, linked by a lighted catwalk, is a unique sight that enthusiasts shouldn’t miss.

Opting for Local Exploration

Discover the essence of Grand Haven like a local. Visit the farmer’s market and indulge in fresh, locally sourced produce. Similarly, a stroll through the vibrant downtown district unveils various quaint establishments such as bookstores, small cafes and boutique stores. Don’t forget to visit the famous Grand Haven’s Musical Fountain for an unforgettable evening experience.

Biking – A Fun Way to Explore

One fun way to take in the sights is by renting a bicycle and going for a ride along the Lakeshore Bike Trail. The trail is scenic and peaceful, providing a leisurely way to soak in the city’s natural beauty.

Nature Trail Hike

For nature enthusiasts, a trail hike at the Rosy Mound Natural Area is a must. It offers a combination of rich forest areas, sand dunes, a classic Great Lake beach to explore, and some of amazing views of Lake Michigan.

Enjoy the serenity of Grand Haven with these self-guided explorations and feel the city in its true essence. Embrace this newly set standard and share the joy of exploring!