The Ultimate Cannabis Experience at Valley Wellness

Valley Wellness, a highly revered entity in Somers, offers both medical and recreational cannabis, masterfully tailored to meet the unique needs of consumers. Whether recreational users or those seeking therapeutic relief, clients are guaranteed extensive options and exceptional experiences.

Our Products

We are proud to house an assortment of cannabis derivatives, including flowers, concentrates, edibles, and a lot more. Our team of experts selects supreme quality cannabis after stringent examination to ensure the offerings align with our values and your expectations. For those looking for a convenient way to consume cannabis, our meticulously crafted edibles might just be the perfect fit. (More about our edibles)

Professional Advisory

At Valley Wellness, we understand the importance of informed choices, particularly regarding health matters. Therefore, we offer professional and tailored advice to our clients, especially for our medical cannabis users. As we navigate you through our diverse menu, we’ll consider your clinical needs, history, and preferences, ensuring you get the right fit for you.

Client experience

Our commitment to providing unrivaled service has earned us the reputation as a go-to dispensary in and around Somers. Our comfortable, safe, and welcoming atmosphere is designed to make you feel at home. With our user-friendly website, online shopping is a completely seamless process, ensuring you always have access to your favorite cannabis products.

Community Engagement

Moreover, at Valley Wellness, we value our community. Our involvement in various community-based programs and campaigns has fortified our bond with Somers, amplifying our commitment to offer more than just business. We’re keen on advocating for a healthier and informed society.

Experience the essence of quality, variety, expert guidance, and an all-rounded exemplary service at Valley Wellness. Visit us today!