Discover the Best Activities Near Houghton Lake

A trip to Houghton Lake offers a myriad of delightful experiences. Here, at the heart of Michigan, is a pristine natural sanctuary waiting to be explored. But the lake, breathtaking in its beauty, is just the beginning. The surrounding areas proffer a host of attractions that you can visit and enjoy. Let’s embark on a journey to unearth some hidden gems near Houghton Lake.

Enjoy the Lake Activities

Houghton Lake is renowned for its water-related activities. You can try your hand at tubing or jet skiing or experience the thrill of speed boating. For a more leisurely day, rent a pontoon and enjoy a peaceful boat ride across the shimmering waters. Fishing enthusiasts can cast their lines in the calming depths of Houghton Lake, famous for its abundance of various fish species.

Visit the Wellington Farm Park

Visit the Wellington Farm Park for an immersive experience into the 1930s farming life. The historic replicas of a farmstead, blacksmith shop, and sawmill are meticulously recreated to provide an authentic experience. Kids can enjoy the petting farm while adults fall back in time, appreciating the simplicity of rural life back then.

Explore the bounty of wildlife that the park, spread across 60 acres, houses. The several kilometers of hiking trails, interwoven through the park, offer a chance to witness the magnificence of these animals.

Explore the Roscommon Zoo

Nothing spells fun like a day spent at the zoo. The Roscommon Zoo, just a short drive from Houghton Lake, is home to over 50 species of animals including, lions, tigers, and monkeys. The zoo’s unique ‘encounter sessions’ allow you to get up close and personal with some of these fascinating creatures.

Close your day by returning to Pleasantrees-Houghton Lake. The calming ambience of our place helps in reflecting upon and absorbing all the wonderful experiences of the day. A truly pleasant end to a day full of adventures.

Remember, every moment spent at Houghton Lake is a pleasant memory in the making.